bourbon street

Round arches, sculpted columns,French doors... make this richly inviting collection an ode to the memory of Bourbon Street.

The unique architecture of New Orleans is evoked in the arcaded design that accents this collection.

A nod to nostalgia, an elegant marriage of past and present, rich details enhanced by a Merlot finish on cherry veneer...

Gentleman's chest
48in x 20in x 66,5in
5 drawer chest
42,5in x 19in x 60,5in
2 drw nightstand
27po x 18,5po x 28,5in
50,5in x 24in x 77,5po
high dresser and oval mirror
58in x 20in x 47,5in

Low profile bed with leather
8 drawer dresser and rect. mirror
69in x 20in x 38in